Our Mission

To empower and partner with refugees and asylum seekers living in Maricopa County by

engaging with their communities, understanding their health disparities, educating on knowledge

gaps, and providing high-quality patient care.

Our Four Pillars



  • Understand the needs of the refugee community, gaps in regards to healthcare, and how we can be the safety net to fill those gaps

  • Be present in the community

  • Learn by exchanging insights about cultures and the communities that we serve


  • Partner with stakeholders in the community

  • Distribute information through trusted sources

  • Engage with individuals that are present

  • Work with each cultural group of the refugee community, address the issues, and fill the gaps that they specifically need


  • Educate patients through innovative workshops so that they may become autonomous in managing their health issues

  • Educate patients regarding accessing health benefits and changes in insurance plans

Patient Care

  • Address health disparities that were discovered through health assessments by providing supplemental care