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Our History

REACT was founded in 2017 by Arizona State University students. The organization was initially named Trident Medical Organization, but as Mayo Medical students joined the organization, the name REACT was adopted to represent the collaboration. 

REACT started off hosting educational workshops about health-related topics to determine needs in the community and the club continues to host these workshops today. In 2022, REACT opened its clinic for refugees on the ASU West campus. 

Today REACT remains a collaboration between ASU and Mayo Medical students to provide education, empowerment, and clinical care to refugees in Arizona.

*Photo above is our former logo


Our Steering Committee

The purpose of the Steering Committee is to provide periodic guidance and advice to REACT’s Co-Executive and Advisors. We envision our Steering Committee members will have expertise focused in, but not limited to primary care, administrative medicine, case management, law, and business. REACT Co-Executives and Advisors will meet with the Steering Committee once every three months to provide updates and seek advice on current and future projects. The individuals below played an immense role in the REACT initiative. We are extremely grateful for their guidance and support.


Dr. Lara Ferry

 Dr. Chavez 

Dr. Karshmer

Diana Smith 

Dr. Alan Rawls 

Jeanne N RWHC 

Dr. Kabash 

Dr. Halyard 

Dr. Meyer 

Dr. Cortese

Dr. Grilli 

Joan Lowell 

Lester Myers

Dr. Sherman

Dr. Krasnow

Dr. Rund 

Professor Divitto

Dr. Furst

Dr. Mark Williams

Dr. Bill Haley

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